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Hey, it is Joy here!


WANNA learn how to crochet amigurumi from scratch
wanna web-version free amigurumi patterns
wanna premium pdf patterns with full of tutorial photos

Our mission is to bring the easy and fun amigurumi patterns to busy crocheters with less or no-sew technique.

Hi! My name is Joy, an ex-banker who became a crochet amigurumi designer. Let me tell you about my journey exploring my artisan path.

From a craft lover to a business owner

Since childhood, I have been always in love with DIYs and handicrafts. When I was only 5 years old, my mother taught me crocheting and knitting and I quickly became obsessed with crochet – unlimited art. One of my big dreams is to have a handmade store to sell what I make. But I chose to study economics and worked as a banker for 10 years.

I even started a shop to sell my crochet in Hanoi. Unfortunately, I did fail. The reason was I could not manage to work as a busy banker, take care of a twin, and run a hustle business at the same time. But I never stop my dream.

After the birth of my daughter, Anvi, moving to India, I decided to get back to my passion. In the beginning, I created Anvi’s Granny as a way to keep my mother engaged after retirement. Soon later, I started to design amigurumi crochet toys and built a team of crocheters to make amigurumi and other crochet products while my mom and sister managed fulfillment in Vietnam.

Owner, amgurumi designer and graphic designer
CEO, amigurumi designer and handmade business strategist behind Anvi’s Granny

FROM A CROCHETER TO An amigurum designer

What encouraged me to train my team turned into this website was when budding crocheters started asking me for amigurumi patterns. With love as an amigurumi designer, by sharing free versions of my designs on this website, I aim to inspire others to take up crocheting through my patterns. Because Anybody Can Crochet!

Apart from selling patterns ̣̣(You can buy my patterns here, Etsy shop, and Ravelry shop) and giving crochet tutorials, Anvi’s Granny Handicrafts also supplies beautiful and unique ready-made amigurumi soft toys as the perfect gift for your children or lovely friends. For custom orders, please contact me directly.


Throughout the progress to build my small amigurumi design business, I have joined so many collaborations between bloggers, designers all over the world. The world is so small for us, amigurumi lovers! I have gotten to know many new talented friends all over the world, both crocheters, and designers. And I saw 1 thing: community matters most!

Keep that in mind, I am on the mission to connect crocheters and designers together! By hosting monthly Blog Hops, Email Hops, and Ami Super Pack (Amigurumi Pattern Bundle), I am quite close to that goal! Working with hundreds of fabulous amigurumi designers from 5 continents is really my big pleasure. And of course, the love from readers, buyers is the most important thing to me and my little career!


Do you want to be in my community? Join my Amigurumi Crochet Tribe Facebook Group now to get to know like-minded people and share your beautiful amigurumi makes.

And to give the best benefits to my members, I created the Tribe Vault for you. It is a growing library, so stay stunned!

Anvi's Granny Handicrafts Tribe Vault of amigurumi patterns, free printables for members

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