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12 Cutest Halloween crochet patterns that you want to create

12 Cutest Halloween crochet patterns that you want to create

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Halloween is coming! Yeahhhh! Today I am gonna show you some of the collection of 12 cutest Halloween crochet patterns. The patterns are free and paid that I have found from my designs and some of my beloved designer friends.

From Halloween amigurumi to Halloween home decoration, Halloween theme crochet accessories, they are all beginner-friendly crochet patterns that you can easily finish under a few hours. 

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Just pick up your yarn and hook, choose a pattern and be ready to create the most adorable crochet projects.

12 cutest Halloween crochet patterns for beginners (Free and paid)

In case you are new to amigurumi, check my Ultimate guide to amigurumi for beginners before you start to follow my free crochet Christmas ornament patterns.

Some techniques that you need in this project:

Make Magic Ring (MR)

Basic crochet stitches for amigurumi

Increase and invisible decrease crochet

How to finish the amigurumi part neatly

How to crochet with multiple strands from one yarn ball

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Halloween crochet amigurumi patterns

Crochet Pumpkins

Pumpkins are something in the must-to-have every Halloween to decorate your home or office for fall. It is easy to create basic crochet pumpkins with my free pattern and video tutorial. I also gave the secret formula for you to successfully crochet any size of pumpkins by your choice. Be creative and fill your house with colorful pumpkins. 

simple crochet pumpkin pattern for beginners

Free crochet pattern and video tutorial for basic pumpkin

The zick-zack pumpkin from Kati – hookedbykati.com brings a new style for the farmhouse pumpkin in a creative way. She even has a video to show you how to crochet zig-zag stitch for free.

zig zag pumpkin crochet pattern

Free pattern: Zig zag crochet pumpkin with video

Pumpkin doll 

Beside pumpkins, crocheters also are creative with different designs of pumpkin dolls. This year I couldn’t help myself to design my own Pumchy – the pumpkin doll. His cute face and chubby body are the most favorite, but the big plus is that you don’t need to sew at all in this doll crochet pattern. If you also hate sewing like me, you will love this pattern. 

Halloween pumpkin doll amigurumi crochet pattern no sew
Find the written PDF pattern here

Voodoo bunny 

Inspired by Frankenstein characters and the desire to crochet a bunny, Bunvo – the voodoo bunny was created. He is the cutest voodoo rabbit that you wanna make this Halloween. Same as Pumchy, you only need to sew the ears to the body, otherwise this is a seamless crochet pattern. 

Halloween voodoo bunny amigurumi crochet pattern no sew
Follow my little sewing pattern to make voodoo rabbit here


Oh oh, how a ghost can be adorable like this? The witch ghost amigurumi from my big idol, Irina from @BlueRabitToys is the cutest crochet ghost that I have seen. Do you agree with me? Find the pattern for witch doll on her Etsy shop.

Halloween bluerabbittoys witch ghost amigurumi crochet pattern

Devil doll

Well, I am always obsessed with Lucifer, the devil, or the fallen angel. Dark – the devil is not Lucifer, because he doesn’t have a pair of wings, and he only gives love to people. 

With Pumchy and Bunvo, the Halloween friends will help you to send hugs to your beloveds. Almost no sewing required for this Halloween doll crochet pattern except for the horns. You can find PDF pattern for Dark – the devil, or the whole Halloween collection in my shop.

Halloween devil doll amigurumi crochet pattern no sew
In hurry? Save this pin for later


Wow, look at this clown from @Rika.crafts. Can you help yourself from loving him? A very unique creation from a young Vietnamese designer. She also has some other amazing Halloween crochet amigurumi that you will love to check out. 


This is a perfect combination between a witch and a gnome in a unique design from Irene @baby.ecotoyss. It looks difficult to make but believe me, it is not. 

And a real witch 

The latest design from a sister @anan.amilove will melt your heart with her cuteness. What do you like most about the chubby witch?

Halloween crochet Accessories 

Huhm, done with amigurumi. How about Halloween theme crochet accessories? 

Halloween face mask ear savers

Since the face masks are mandatory items for everyone during the pandemic, ear savers or mask mates also have become popular. But convincing your little kids to wear masks is not easy (Yeah I know when I have 3 children). These Halloween ear savers could motivate your small ones to wear masks happily. 

Halloween ear savers crochet pattern_ Frankenstein, pumpkin, ghost
Easy 3in1 Halloween crochet ear savers pattern can be found here

Trick or treat bag

One of the last-minute crochet projects that you could wrap up within an hour is trick-or-treat crochet bags. Imagine how bright your children’s faces are when they see such cute bags. 

A kawaii unicorn crochet bag from Eclair with a free crochet pattern could make a day for sweet little ladies

unicorn trick or treat bag crochet pattern for beginners
Get the FREE Halloween crochet pattern for this wonderful tricl-or-treat bag

And for boys, nothing better than an alien trick or treat bag on Halloween night. The best thing is that you can easily finish this bag in 1-2 hours. It is cool, isn’t it?

Alien trick-or-treat bag crochet pattern free
Grab your Free pattern

Well, I hope that you could find one or some favorite Halloween crochet patterns to crochet this fall. Do not hesitate to share with your friend or pin the post to use later. 

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Comment below and tell me what you like most about my free pattern, and if you want, suggest for me what I crochet next! Love you all, my yarn buddies!

From Joy with love!

Comment below and tell me which pattern do you like most! 

From Joy with love! Happy Halloween!

Wonderful Halloween crochet patterns for beginners

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